Mani AmarMani Amar is a film director, poet, artist, and an aspiring actor. From a very young age, he was obsessed with films. Often watching the same film many times, he would memorize specific parts of the movie and act them out for friends and family. Mani became a natural for impromptu skits or just bursts of much needed comedic relief. Teachers often remember him for his energy and ability to make the classroom a fun environment. His strong beliefs in activism for environment & sustainability, poverty abolishment, and human rights made him pursue a film directing career. Mani wanted to create documentaries and films that evoke audiences’ emotions and create public awareness. In 2006, preproduction and filming began on “A Warrior’s Religion,” a poetic documentary on the epidemic issue of South Asian Gang Violence in the Greater Vancouver Area. Also, Mani is published in national poetic anthologies and is an award-winning graphics artist.

The Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival New Asia Festival Sikh International Festival Spinning Wheel Festival