Be Heard

I believe in any form of activism, the voices of the general public are the guiding light.  Sadly, in today’s world of politics and recycled rhetoric, those voices often go unheard.  Sometimes silenced by one’s own choice due to the lack of encouragement or belief in being heard.

I made a conscious effort to dedicate a section of this website to hear the voices that want to be heard.

If you have a story of how the constant witnessing of domestic violence led you down a darkened path in life, or how a few bad choices in your past dictate a prejudged future for you, then I encourage you to speak out.  Your words have the ability to educate our invaluable youth, educate them so they too can seek help when needed, so they too can make better choices.

Enough time has surely passed with ignorance and denial as the front running values of a community in whole.  We must accept the fact that it is happening not just in our city, or our community, but in our homes.  The witnessing of domestic violence does affect your children. What your children watch, who they hang out with, and the games they play are all contributing factors to a growing gang violence issue.  Parents, speak to your children.  Children, speak to your parents.  An open line of communication is one major step in ensuring a safe future for your family.

Suggestions for topics encouraged.

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