Film as a Prevention Tool

Although my research was based on one community, my goal was to use that research and apply it to other communities.  Since the research was described in a medium such as film, I believe it to be readily and easily applicable to other communities with similar problems.  To further advance this concept, I have decided to use mathematics as a metaphor.

Let us take into consideration a simple mathematical formula,  such as a + b = c.  A simple mathematical equation which has crossed the boundaries of algebra and has been utilized in sciences such as economics, medicine, weather prediction, and computer programming amongst many others.  The research of one community’s issue with gang violence and applying it to other communities (if not society itself), will surely bring us closer to agreeing upon factors that cause youth to become involved with gangs.

The utilization of this research as a mathematical equation, in my opinion, can be very beneficial.  However, issues can arise such as anomalous situations and compatibility of this equation for other communities.

For example, researched factors such as ‘clash of cultures’ and ‘religion’ would most likely not be factors that can be a part of this equation when studying the gang violence issue amongst the African American community in California.  However, it was applicable to research these factors amongst the Sikh community in the Greater Vancouver area.

If we were to simply state the equation presented in this film as a + b + c + d + e = f factors such as d and e might not be applicable to one community, while certainly other variables could be.  Factors a, b, and c could represent cross compatible factors such as neglect, being of visible minorities, and education.  However, the reasoning of this equation and the basis of the research remain the same.

Through a collaborative approach, we are more than capable of tackling these issues.  If other communities can be examined in the same manner, we can cross reference to identify the most cross compatible factors.  These identifiers may help us utilize government resources as well as any future research more effectively.

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