AWR footage used in Daniel Wesley’s ‘Pilgrimage’ online viral marketing music video

Hello All,

A couple of months ago, early in the summer, I was approached by Mercer Creative to come in to check out their ‘project’.  Mercer had been commissioned to produce a second music video for Daniel Wesley’s new hit single – Pilgrimage.  The intent for this version was to showcase the sad outcomes of the gang lifestyle and bring further awareness to the BC gang issue.  Its medium would be an online viral marketing campaign.  Mercer had heard of my work with this issue and asked for my insights on their project and if I could ‘donate’ anything to it.  I was humbled by their request.

After watching the music video a few times, both my manager, Sandi N., and I felt as though the gang lifestyle was glamourized and that the harsh realities were given a back seat in the music video.  I offered to donate any and all footage from my film.  After a few revisions we felt as though the message was clear and that it could be showcased.

Mercer Creative is not only known for their great design and marketing, but for all the pro-bono work they do for issues that effect our world.  Such as tv-spots on human trafficking which you can watch here.

I want to give shout outs to the good folks at Mercer.  Thanks to president/creative director Terry Mercer and associate creative director Deborah Kieselbach for taking on this project.  And a special shout out to editing genius Dermot Shane, whose wisdom & character continues to amaze me.  Dermot is by far the most knowledgeable person I have met in the film industry.  I always jokingly mention to him that I will need his pro-bono services, the kind person he is says, ‘anytime.’

The spoken word rap in my film was done by Rupinder Sidhu a.k.a. Sunskript.  His messages in his chosen medium are crossing barriers.  Props to you my brother.

Thanks to Sandi N. for insights on this project.

Good luck to Daniel Wesley & his music.

Thanks all,


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