AWR Trailer shown at Vancouver staple – Celluloid Social Club!

The legendary Celluloid Social Club, renowned for bringing the independent Vancouver film scene together, was kind enough to reach out to me to have me show my film’s trailer and do a quick Q&A to the always interested audience on the night of February 10th, 2010.

The trailer seemed to reach the audience in the manner intended, to advise them there is an issue and we need to do something about it.

The Club was a great place to meet other likeminded individuals and also to garner support for one another’s film projects.

To everyone in the Vancouver independent film scene that is unaware of Celluloid, click on their logo at the bottom to check out their website.  Also, check out their partner website, First Weekend Club.

Shout outs to Alexandra Staseson & Paul Armstrong, your support of the industry is definitely appreciated.

Thanks everyone,


Celluloid Social Club

First Weekend Club

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