Back to the drawing board

Hey all,

As Footsteps Into Gangland goes through the film festival circuit, and hopefully distribution, I find myself with idle hands.

Things are pretty calm for me this summer, for the first time in years.  With that being said, I hate not having extra work to do, so I have decided to bump up production on my 3rd feature length film.  I have entered the writing stage of my new film which will be a narrative on Vancouver’s downtown east side.  The story will be about a young women forced into prostitution to support her drug addiction.

As with all my films, it will be hard-hitting, drastically realistic, and most likely controversial.  Though controversy is never a goal, it seems to follow me around :)

With 2 features under my belt, I may have enough experience and notoriety to receive funding from Telefilm…a long shot but one I must take.  Self financing gives me the freedom of artistic control but makes me a slave to capitalism.  I am yet to find that balance of doing what I want in filmmaking with other producers’ money.

As always, will keep everyone posted.

Best regards,


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