Bacon Brothers murder conspiracy, story continues…

One of the three notorious Bacon Brothers was shot and killed on Sunday, August 14th, at around 2:45pm.

Jonathan Bacon (left) accompanied by fellow gang member, Matt Johnston.  Photograph courtesy of Rick Collins/Special to The Vancouver Sun (2008)

photograph courtesy of Jennifer Zielinski (2011)

Jonathan Bacon, the eldest of the 3 brothers, was targeted by a masked gunman outside of the Delta Grand Hotel in Kelowna, BC.  Five others were wounded in the attack, included full-path Hell’s Angel member, Larry Amero.

The Bacon Brothers partnered with the Red Scorpions gang in 2006 to strengthen their power and compete with the illegal activities of the Hells Angels & UN Gang.

Sidenote: Anyone ever wonder why ‘Hells Angels’ isn’t ‘Hell’s Angels’?  Well after a couple of minutes of googling, I tracked the answer down on the Hells Angels’ official website in the FAQ section;

Isn’t the apostrophe missing in Hells Angels? 
Should the Hells in Hells Angels have an apostrophe, and be Hell’s Angels? That would be true if there was only one Hell, but life & history has taught us that there are many versions and forms of Hell.

Every time I have an opportunity to educate people on gangs, I always state that the issue is not slowing down.  Gang-related murders might be on the decrease, but the amount of retaliations, drive-by shootings, and other violent crimes associated with gang activity, are all on the increase.  *they get their own wiki page before I get one?  wtf… *Bacon Brothers’ descriptions & particulars


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