Bal Buttar agrees to plead guilty

Bal Buttar, who was a central character in my film, has agreed to plead guilty to the conspiracy to commit murder charge.

This situation has been going on since September of 2007, which really doesn’t say a lot about our legal system.  Bal Buttar, who was recorded, was obviously in cahoots with Meena Jouhal, but still took nearly 4 years to charge this perennial douchebag.

Well, whatever the case may be, he will be sentenced on June 27th, 2011.  One thing is for sure, he won’t be doing any hard time, the amount of money it would cost the taxpayer to house this criminal in a facility that can meet his medical and special needs will be horrendous.  The real punishment in my opinion is to take away the luxuries he takes for granted; his television, his visiting rights, his special foods, & his FUCKING PHONE.

Who else but Kim Bolan has covered this story;

Photograph by: Bill Keay, Vancouver Sun
Bal Buttar is now a quadriplegic after he had been shot twice in the head.
Photograph by: Bill Keay, Vancouver Sun

Blind quadriplegic gangster pleads guilty to murder conspiracy

VANCOUVER — A blind quadriplegic gangster who once confessed in The Vancouver Sun to a series of murders has agreed to plead guilty to conspiring to kill a friend’s husband.

Bal Buttar, who is confined to a wheelchair after being shot in the head a decade ago, will make his change of plea appearance and be sentenced at the Kelowna Law Courts June 27, a B.C. Supreme Court judge heard Thursday.

Buttar had been scheduled to plead guilty in the New Westminster law courts Thursday afternoon, but Justice Anthony Saunders was told Buttar’s health was too fragile to have him travel from his care facility in Kelowna.

So Saunders agreed to transfer the file to to Okanagan city so Buttar could be accommodated in court.

Buttar, 35, was charged in September 2007 with one count of conspiracy to commit murder and one count of counselling an indictable offence not committed.

Last August, his co-accused, 34-year-old Meena Jouhal, was sentenced to seven years in jail after pleading guilty in the same murder-for-hire plot targeting her husband.

Jouhal approached Buttar, a childhood friend, in his Vancouver long-term care facility about getting assistance to kill her husband, Navtej Singh Jouhal.

Surrey RCMP were tipped to the plot and began an undercover investigation. No one was injured and both Jouhal and Buttar were arrested and charged.

The target of the hit has filed a lawsuit against both Buttar and his ex-wife.

Buttar barely survived an August 2001 targeted shooting at a Vancouver hair salon in which one of his associates Gary Rai was killed.

Buttar told the Sun that Rai and others close to him had plotted his assassination and that Rai was not supposed to have been shot.

No one has ever been charged in Buttar’s shooting or several related and retaliatory hits, including the murder of Buttar’s younger brother Kelly in December 2001.

In September 2004, Bal Buttar told The Sun he’d witnessed too much gang violence and wanted to come clean about his criminal past to help youth steer clear of drugs and organized crime.

He admitted he arranged the 1998 murder of crime boss Bindy Johal, even though he was working under Johal in a gang he called the Indo-Canadian Mafia at the time. Buttar said he felt he had to take Johal out because of erratic behaviour by the notorious cocaine dealer that included killing off a series of his own associates.

And Buttar also confessed to having a role in other unsolved murders, prompting police to pay him a visit after The Sun’s revelations. But he refused to cooperate with a criminal case, saying he didn’t want to be a rat. He has never been charged with any of the slayings in which he admitted to having a role.

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