Guest Speaker @ Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Professor Dr. Summer Pervez, a long time supporter of mine, has been utilizing my films as a means to educate students on South Asian Canadian Literature.  Dr. Pervez’s teaching style marks a change from traditional teaching practices; with a gift to keep students engaged, Dr. Pervez exposes students to a world of independent films and literature, very different from the usual over-utilization of main stream books and films.

On December 1st, I was invited to do a Q&A as well as talk about my personal experiences that lead me into filmmaking. It was a great experience at the Richmond campus of Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

I thank the students for their props and support and wish them the best in making a positive difference in this world.

Shout out to Summer for the ongoing support!

Thanks everyone,


(Screening of A Warrior’s Religion took place on November 22nd/24th & screening of Footsteps Into Gangland took place on December 6th)

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

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