Real Housewife married to Real Gangster

[Please note, this blog post is an opinion piece.]

It is no secret how popular ‘The Real Housewives of…’ shows are, come on, they keep people stupid while allowing you to live vicariously through their lives of dining out, shopping, and facial massages. My apparent discord for these types shows is well known and I really do not want to waste my time even blogging about it, but this you should know;

The Real Housewives of Vancouver premiered a couple of months ago to high ratings and praise, one of the ‘Housewives’, Reiko MacKenzie, [updated] was married to -former- gangster, Vinuse ‘Sun News’ Lal, currently known as Sun News MacKenzie, a day trader & venture capitalist. Really? Anyone buying that?

Mr. Lal, former friend/associate of the notorious Bindy Johal is living a life of riches and comforts, proclaiming that his fortune was made through hard work. While this bullshit might sound grand on mainstream media, we all know that it is garbage. Mr. Lal and [redacted] Ms. MacKenzie aka Reiko need to get their heads out of their asses and remember that their lives of grandeur were made on the spilled blood of the Metro Vancouver community.

Here is the Vancouver power couple as of 2012;

Reiko MacKenzie

Sun News MacKenzie

Here is Sun News back in his gangster days (got these screen grabs from CBC archived news footage);

Sun News Lal

^Sun News (left) & Bindy Johal (right)

Sun News Lal

The producers of the show should have done better background checks on who they cast. This ignorant move by the producers is a message to the public stating that your life of crime will be rewarded. That you can eventually have a good life with all the world’s glorious offerings. In essence, this show has glorified in one aspect, the gangster lifestyle. Making it yet again, appealing.

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