Recognizing Anti-Gang Artwork

My name is Junichi Swope. I'm 16 years old, in grade 11, and go to Dr. Charles Best Secondary. The recent increase in gang violence in the tri-cities inspired this poster. My poster is a warning to people who are thinking about joining a gang. I want to leave the poster up to peoples' imagination, whether they want to identify with being the person pulling the trigger, or the person about to get killed. Neither scenario is ideal, and very well could happen if one joins a gang.

I am one and half years late with this post, I apologize, thank you to Robin Mahal for reminding me of it.

In spring of 2010, The Vancouver Sun ran a contest asking students across BC to submit their anti-gang posters.  The amount of students who took part in the contest was amazing.

Thank you to The Vancouver Sun for initiating this and a very special thank you to all the students who used their art to bring awareness to this socially conscious issue.

More initiatives like this need to be put in place, art has an uncanny power to make a positive difference, we do not need to realize this fact, we just need to remember that it was always true. 

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