R.I.P. Maple Batalia

…the younger sister of a supporter and friend of mine was shot and killed in the parkade of SFU Surrey.  Maple was leaving school after a long night of studying…

Emergency crews try to revive Maple Batalia at a parking garage at Simon Fraser University's Surrey campus early Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2011.

An aspiring model & actress, a driven youth, a beautiful person, and a girl who left us much to early, was lost.

I always knew that this issue would start getting closer and closer to home for me, I think this event is what is ‘breaking the camel’s back’.

Though I never had the chance to meet Maple personally, I knew her older sister, Rose.

Rose has been one of my first supporters and has never stopped supporting me and my work.  Maple, Rose, and the entire Batalia family deserved better.

We cannot live in a society where people with no connection to any gangs or criminal activity are shot and killed in cold blood.  This is ridiculous people…my heart breaks with every fucking blog post I write…when will people stand up?  When will you stand up and help make a positive difference?  Just fucking stand…




I think everyone was already aware of this, it looks like the ex-boyfriend, Gurjinder ‘Gary’ Dhaliwal, is the main suspect…

Gurjinder 'Gary' Dhaliwal, the ex-boyfriend of murder victim Maple Batalia, has been charged in an assault against two people. Oct. 3, 2011. (CTV)


If he thinks he can commit such a heinous crime and not be known to the public, then he is sadly mistaken, everyone should be aware of a murderer’s face;


A candlelight vigil was held for Maple on September 30th, 2011;

Candlelight vigil in Maple Batalia's memory


R.I.P. Maple Batalia

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