AWR still sparking dialogue

Hey all,

One of the greatest compliments any artist, especially a filmmaker, can get is that their work is still sparking dialogue between people.  It shows that the artwork has the ability to evoke thought, ‘films evoking thought’, the motto my film production company goes by.

I was contacted by Olena Morozova of The Source/La Source Newspaper.  A community driven newspaper serving Vancouver for over 10 years, their motto; ‘forum of diversity’.

Olena wanted to do an article about AWR with a focus on the precursors and attributes that can cause gang-related issues.  Most reporters want to focus on the controversy or the ‘South Asian’ angle.  Sufficed to say, Olena pleasantly surprised me.

Shout out to Olena for writing a great article, you are a talented writer and you will surely write great articles for years to come.

The article is available in PDF format from  You can alternatively download it by clicking here.



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