Another South Asian women killed by estranged husband…

R.I.P. Ravinder Kaur Bhangu.

Ravinder Kaur Bhangu.  photography courtesy of Sukhminder Singh Cheema, for the Province

Yet another sad case of violence in the South Asian community…a young women (age 24) was attacked and murdered by her husband (whom she left a few months earlier due to domestic issues) at her work on July 28th, 2011.

The husband, Sunny Bhangu, 26, attacked his wife with an axe and a meat cleaver.  Sources say the attack was premeditated.

A co-worker selflessly tried to intervene, sadly, to no avail.  The co-worker was injured during his heroic act.

After Sunny Bhangu murdered his wife, he made no attempt to leave.

I am fucking tired of all the violence in our community, yet only a few people are taking a stand in making a difference.  The politicians will only put together forums and allocate funding towards awareness on issues such as this in election years, the rest of the time they collect their hefty pay cheques and sit on their asses or assess better photo opportunities.

Young women will keep dying if there is not a phenomenal shift in the thinking that has been engrained in our culture.

We need more support services for young women trying to leave homes with domestic violence or other issues.

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photography courtesy of Les Bazso, The Province (2011)

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